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Innoclima Ltd provides complete turnkey cleanroom technology service. Besides delivering cleanroom spaces built modularly in the usual manner, we also install high end HVAC systems to enhance the cleanliness rating of the rooms. Cleanroom certification procedures are carried out according to the operative standards/guidelines.


  • cleanroom wall and ceiling system
  • HVAC system
  • control & monitoring system
  • compressed air/gas system


  • cleanroom walls, ceiling, doors
  • lighting
  • conductive floor
  • HVAC
  • control & monitoring
  • delivery (Air Handling Unit, Water Chiller)
  • project management
  • testing, adjusting & balancing (TAB) for HVAC


  • preventive maintenance for the newly built cleanrooms

qualification & validation

  • HEPA filter installation leak tests
  • room particle count tests
  • temperature & humidity uniformity tests
  • enclosure pressurization tests
  • IQ, OQ, PQ documentation


Production environment demands a lot from cleanroom construction elements. During the construction process stringent attention must be paid towards air tightness, cleanability and last but not least aesthetics. In addition, one has to adjust to project specific requirements and clients’ ideas. To fulfill these tasks we offer you our constructional system:

Cleanroom walls and false ceiling

Walls and ceilings are formed from smooth faced sandwich panels. The visible surfaces are zinc coated steel skins with polyester coating, the insulating core is either PIR-foam or rockwool. Module width is 1000mm, connection of the panels is either via “tongue & groove” interlocking or “columns” with different widths. Columns allow vertical distribution of electric wires or pipes (gas, water, etc.). Instruments, lab equipment can be mounted on the columns.

False ceiling assembly is similar to walls. HEPA filter boxes and lighting fixtures are easily integrated with the ceiling panels, which can be built as walkable “type” on demand.

An alternative to ceiling panels is the suspended ceiling system, which consists of metal tiles and a suspension system. The varnished tiles are 600x600mm or greater and they connect to a hidden profiling. From the cleanroom side this solution provides a smooth finish as well.

Cleanroom doors

Doorframes are closed profile powder coated steel frames. Doorleaves are also manufactured from galvanised steel and are powder coated in the chosen colour. Doors are available as single or double leaf, glazed or non-glazed type. Door closers and automatic door bottom seals are included as accessories. An air-lock function is provided by electrical interlocking.


“Windows” can be installed in wall panels in any position. Window frames are made of powder coated steel profile. The profile is formed so as to allow single or double (“Pharma”) glazing.

Coving and corner profiles

To enhance cleanability it is advisable to use rounded elements at wall-ceiling, wall-wall, floor-wall connections. These elements are available in PVC or aluminium in different sizes (radius) including all accessories for the installation (backing profile, positive-negative corner cap, end cap). Floor coving can also be formed from the floor coating itself, usually made of PVC tiles/rolls or epoxy coating.

Stainless steel equipment

We offer regular cleanroom equipment such as bump rails, pass-through boxes, step over benches, sinks made of stainless steel, also in custom sizes.



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Puskás Attila
managing director
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Mediox Kft. - Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Hungarian Academy of Sciences - Center for Energy Research – Clean Lab
ISO 7 Cleanroom and Airlock


GE HUNGARY Kft. – Aviation Division
ISO9 Cleanroom


Izotóp Intézet Kft.
ISO 8 Cleanroom for Laboratories

Our tasks:

  • delivery of cleanroom spaces: wall panels, false ceiling, doors incl. air-lock functions, lighting
  • installing the HVAC system: airhandling unit with 100% fresh air supply, water chiller, inlet air through HEPA filtration - exhaust air via active carbon filters
  • control & monitoring system for automatic temperature, room pressure regulation, ensuring negative pressure within the isolator
  • validation of the cleanroom

Schako Kft.
Cleanroom Lab “Showroom”

A cleanroom lab was established in the company's showroom. Huge windows (double “pharma” glazing) provide good insight for the visitors. Different room pressure conditions can be simulated within the lab, which has a fume cupboard installed. The screen shows the actual working conditions.


Ceva-Phylaxia Oltóanyagtermelő Zrt.
Master & Working Seeds Laboratory

Innoclima Ltd designed and installed the HVAC system for the cleanroom laboratories.

One system was carried out to supply the cleanrooms while another to establish class “A” LAF workplace. The air supply terminal hood of the LAF consisted of 10 individual H13 HEPA filters, 600 x 1200mm each. Constant air velocity assuring the laminar air flow is guaranteed by the variable speed drive fan motors, controlled by a velocity transducer.

The rooms are sterilized occasionally, meaning the HVAC sytem is required to work in 3 modes: standard operation (recirculation, room pressure control), sterilization (fans stop, air tight closing of air ducts), fresh air mode (100% fresh air supply).

Other works carried out:

  • water chiller delivery and installation, chilled water pipework
  • control cabinet manufacturing
  • control & monitoring system design and programming
  • installing and wiring of field devices
  • validation of the cleanroom HVAC system
  • delivery of cleanroom doors, interlocking system
  • delivery of cleanroom light fixtures


Pernix Pharma Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Ltd.

Pernix Pharma Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Ltd. has established its new plant through EU funding in Zalaegerszeg. The company manufactures and packages pharmaceutical products for human and veterinary use.

In 2010 we designed and installed the cleanrooms of the plant.

Scope of Project:

  • Cleanroom and HVAC design
  • Establishing cleanroom environment to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturing:
    • Cleanroom walls, false ceiling, doors, glazing, lighting
  • HVAC system to comply with cGMP and ISO standards:
    • Delivery and installation of air handling units, water chillers, gas boilers, air ductwork, HEPA filtration, heating and cooling pipework
  • Ventilation of explosion proof rooms
  • Control & Monitoring:
    • Manufacturing control cabinets, system cabling, installing and wiring of field devices, DDC and Building Management System programming
  • Testing, adjusting and balancing (TAB) for HVAC
  • Qualification & Validation, IQ-OQ documentation

Key figures:

  • Area of cleanroom: 700 m2
  • Nr. of cleanrooms: 33
  • Cleanroom walls: 1 200 m2
  • Total air flow: 38 000 m3/h
  • Installed cooling capacity: 315 kW
  • Installed heating capacity: 340 kW
  • Parameters monitored per room: temperature, humidity, room pressure